What is a Landing Page? An In-depth Guide!

What Is A Landing Page? What Are The Types Of Landing Page? Why Should One Use A Landing Page? So on. These questions come to mind when a beginner thinks of a landing page.

A landing page is the most integral part of an advertising campaign. Marke+ters use a landing page to send their paid users to convince them to buy a particular product or service. We know this would be confusing for you, but you don’t need to worry about that.

To help you gather more in-depth knowledge about landing pages, we have created a quick guide on landing pages. In this guide, we will be explaining everything about landing pages.

You will be getting different sections explaining the landing page, its types, benefits, and much more. We have created this guide in a sequence to start learning and implement it simultaneously.

Continue reading ahead and learn more about landing pages.

Landing Page Basics

A landing page is one of the essential parts of an advertising campaign. Marketers use landing pages to redirect their PPC traffic to convert them into leads or loyal customers. A landing page includes everything that can influence a buyer to make the decision. Yet, the primary objective of every landing page is to convince buyers to buy the mentioned product or services.

There are five objectives to create a landing page:

  1. To insist users click on a button or link.
  2. To let users fill the lead generation form for data collection and follow-ups.
  3. To pitch a specific product or service to users.
  4. Invite users to learn or gather information about something.
  5. Get users’ to tell their friends and other people.

We see multiple advertisements frequently on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. When we click on the Visit Now or Buy Now button placed on the ad, it redirects us to a new page. And that new page is called a landing page.

If the landing page is about a product, you will find all the information about the product, such as its features, pricing, customer reviews, etc. You will see landing pages asking for your information in exchange for some free download resources.

Image Credit: Unbounce.com

A few ads redirect you to the website homepage. Here comes the question. Are the Landing page and Homepage the Same?

No, landing pages are entirely different from the website homepage. Also, the objectives of both pages are different. We create a landing page to entertain a specific audience with zero distractions. On the other side, a homepage includes many links, and anyone can easily land on a website homepage. So, there is a significant difference between landing pages and homepage.

Difference Between Homepage and Landing Page

Types Of Landing Page

There are five types of landing pages. We will discuss each type of landing page in short below. Have a look at them.

Squeeze Landing Page: The squeeze landing page is the most common and most used page type. Marketers usually call this page a ‘Lead Capture’ or ‘Opt-in’ landing page. This page helps marketers to gather personal information about their visitors. This landing page type typically asks for information like Name, Email Address, Phone Number, etc.

Long-Form Landing Page: Long-form landing pages are also referred to as sales letters. The objective of this landing page type is to spread some light on the benefits and features of the product or services. It is also known as infomercials, as it includes all information about the product, including specification, pricing, usage, etc. This landing page type emphasizes the benefits repeatedly to convince the customers to opt for their services.

Click-Through Landing Page: Click-through landing page is also known as a warm-up page. The warm-up landing page includes enough product detail and focuses on the benefits. The objective of the click-through landing page type is to navigate the users to the transaction page in some way.

Product Details Page: As the name suggests, this page displays all of the details about the product. In addition, it also contains a button that either navigates the user to the checkout page or connects them to the sale representative. The overall motive of this page is to show all the product’s detail.

Video Landing Page: The video landing page includes video content and some textual content. Video on the page helps to engage visitors for a long time. Besides, it is the best way to showcase your product.

These are the types of landing pages. Make sure to read the next section to know the top 10 landing page statistics for 2021.

Top 10 Landing Page Statistics For 2021

Here are the top landing page statistics for 2021.

  1. According to Broadband Search, 53% of internet traffic is mobile traffic.
  2. As per a report by Unbounce, 52.8% of people give up when the video on the landing page loaded slowly.
  3. 77% of landing pages are designated as homepage. In simpler terms, businesses are using their homepage as a landing page.
  4. According to a report by WordStream, the average conversion rate of a landing page is 2.35%.
  5. As per EyeView, videos on the landing page can increase conversion by 86%.
  6. BLUELEADZ report states that adding multiple offers on a landing page can decrease conversion by up to 266%.
  7. According to a report by Startup Bonsai, a landing page asking for personal information has the worst conversion rate.
  8. MarketingExperiments research shows that 58% of marketers use clickbait videos and photos on their landing pages to attract customers and increase conversion.
  9. According to Neill Patel, A/B Testing or Split Testing is the best method to improve conversions.
  10. As per a report by Unbounce, 44% of companies use split testing methods to increase conversions.

These are the key statistics of landing pages in 2021. Continue reading the following section to know why you should use a landing page.

Why Should You Use A Landing Page?

For online marketing campaigns, landing pages are a must. An online campaign can’t be executed without a perfect landing page. We use landing pages to redirect our paid traffic and convert them into loyal customers. The landing page helps visitors’ understand the product and assist them in making the buying decision.

In addition, a landing page comes with zero leaks, or we can say zero distractions. It doesn’t contain any distractions that irritate visitors. Distractions can be a significant cause behind the low success rate for your landing page. If there are distractions, users won’t stay for long on the page. As a result, it will result in a low conversion rate.

That’s why it is essential to use a landing page. Now, you must have understood why you should use a landing page. Besides, there are many benefits of using a landing page. Read the benefits in the next section.

Benefits Of A Landing Page

Here are the key benefits of a landing page. Read the benefits below.

Generate More Sales and Leads: The primary benefit of a landing page is to generate more leads and sales. A landing page works as a salesman and pitches your product or service to your users.

Helps In Promoting Product Or Service: We build landing pages for our advertising campaign. And, we create ads for promotion. A landing page includes everything about our product or services. In another way, it helps in promoting your product or services.

Build Credibility: A landing page can help you build credibility with your visitors. Your customers won’t opt for your services unless they know that your services are genuine. You can add customer reviews to your landing page.

Increases Traffic: A well-optimized landing page can help you drive traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Yet, it should be well optimized according to standards.

These are the benefits of using a landing page. Read the following section to figure out how to create a landing page.

How to Create A Landing Page In WordPress?

Here’s how to create a landing page in WordPress. Follow the steps and build a landing page in WordPress for your next advertising campaign.

Choose the Best Landing Page Creator Plugin: First, you will need to choose the best plugin to create and design a landing page. WordPress offers tons of page builder plugins like SeedProd, Elementor, Divi Page Builder, and many more. You can choose according to your requirements.

We recommend you go with Elementor or SeedProd page builder plugin, as it offers an easy-to-use interface to create landing pages.

Install the Plugin: If you are done choosing the perfect plugin to create a landing page, the next step is to install and set up the plugin. You can easily install and activate the plugin. There is no need to watch any tutorial for that.

Start Designing: Now, start designing the landing page as per your requirements, and publish it when you are done.

That’s how you can create a landing page with WordPress. Check out the next section to know the best landing page builder plugins.

Best Landing Page Builder Plugins

Here are the best landing page builder plugins.

Elementor: Elementor is a freemium WordPress page builder plugin that lets you easily design web pages with its drag and drop functionality. It comes with many add-ons that offer read-made templates to create a stunning web page quickly.

Thrive Architect: Thrive Architect is a premium WordPress page builder plugin that offers 250+ premade landing page templates. It features an easy-to-use interface with a lot of advanced features.

InstaBuilder 2.0: InstaBuilder 2.0 offers an intuitive dashboard to create a perfect landing page for your advertising campaign. With the help of the InstaBuilder 2.0 plugin, you can build a responsive landing page in a few minutes.

OptimizePress: OptimizePress is a landing page builder plugin that helps you build a creative and responsive landing page in a few easy steps. This plugin offers an easy-to-use interface with a few ready-made templates.

Avada: Avada is the perfect plugin to create beautiful and attractive landing pages. With the help of this plugin, you can create a mobile-friendly and fast-loading landing page.

These are the best landing page builders plugins you can use to create a landing page for your advertising campaign.

What Should Be The Landing Page Structure?

There isn’t any specific landing page structure that you should follow. Marketers decide structure according to their campaign type and requirements. But there are a few things you should always consider while making the structure of your landing page.

Your landing page should have an action-taking headline to your landing page. The heading should clearly state your subject and the type of content they will find on the landing page. Most importantly, your landing shouldn’t contain anything that can distract your customers. So, make sure to remove all the clutters from your landing page.

In simpler words, the structure of your landing page should be easy to understand and scan. Also, the copy should be easy to read for customers to understand your product or service easily.

Read the following section to find the elements of a landing page.

What Are the Elements Of A Landing Page?

Here are the elements of a landing page.

Unique Selling Proposition

What’s your USP? How is your product different and unique from others? One of the most critical elements of a landing page is to showcase your USP. If your landing page doesn’t convey your USP well. Then, it would be difficult to convert the visitors into leads.

Primary Headline

Your landing page should include a catchy and action-taking headline at the top. The headline should be well-structured and easily understandable. It should reflect the topic of your landing page.

Landing Page Images

A landing page should include images of your product to display your product in the best manner. Don’t forget to add the hero Image to your landing page. The hero image is the main image of your landing page.

Landing Page Videos

Video is one of the best ways to engage your users for a long time on your landing pages. Also, video is a perfect way to introduce your product to your visitors. There are four types of landing page videos. Check them below.

  • Explainer Videos: In this type of video, a person explains the benefits, features, and everything about the product. It is an excellent video type if your product is new and innovative in the market.
  • Demo Videos: We all have seen demo videos. You can understand this as tutorials or how-to videos. In this video type, a person explains how to use their product or a particular product feature.
  • Promo Video: Promo videos are the best to compel your users to fill out the given lead capture form. You can create a video revealing the gifts or rewards they will be getting after filling the form.
  • Testimonial Videos: Testimonial videos are the best to gain customers’ trust. These types of videos show a person reviewing a particular service or product. Businesses use these videos to build trust with their new customers.

Product or Service Benefits

No one would buy your product or service without looking at its features and benefits. It has become important to add your product benefits and characteristics to convert the visitors into buyers.

  • Social Proof: Users prefer reading customer reviews before buying the product. They will never invest their money in the product before reading the reviews. You should add reviews, customer quotes on your landing page to build trust with them.
  • Call To Action: Your landing page should include a call to action unless it won’t compel users to go and buy the product. CTA encourages visitors to make the purchase or contact the sales team.

These are the main elements of a landing page. Continue reading the next section to design an effective landing page.

How to Design An Effective Landing Page

While creating a landing page, you should take care of every little detail. You should pay attention to everything from layout, design to copywriting. Here are a few tips for designing an effective landing page.

Tip 1. Your landing page design should be clean and organized.

Tip 2. Use heading and subheadings to make it easily understandable.

Tip 3. Always add customers reviews and clients testimonials to build trust.

Tip 4. Make your landing page mobile-friendly.

Tip 5. Your lead generation form should be short.

Tip 6. Use a good combination of colors and fonts.

Tip 7. Don’t overload images and videos on your landing page.

Tip 8. Maintain a good speed.

Tip 9. Match your landing page copy with your advertisement copy.

These are the few tips to create and design an effective landing page. Continue reading the next section to know more about landing page copywriting.

What Is Landing Page Copywriting + Tips To Remember

Landing page copywriting refers to the process of communicating the right message to the right audience at the right time. Copywriting is a must to deliver your message to visitors. Here are a few landing page copywriting tips for implement while copywriting your landing page.

Tip 1. Use customer reviews and clients’ testimonials.

Tip 2. Mention the benefits and features of your product or service.

Tip 3. Write killer headlines.

Tip 4. Use easy-to-read and common words.

Tip 5. Keep your copy simple.

Tip 6. Use numbers to increase conversions.

These are the copywriting tips you should remember while copywriting your landing page.

Landing Page Promotion

We have published a landing page; the next step is to promote it. There are multiple ways to promote a landing page. It depends on you which method you choose.

You can promote your landing page via Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. But this option could be expensive for small business owners. The alternative to this is Search Engine Optimization. We have discussed SEO in the next section.

Another method is to share it with your existing customers. Marketers usually go with this because it is less expensive and highly converting. Write an effective newsletter and share it with your email subscribers.

This is an effective method to convert existing customers into paying customers.

Landing Page Marketing

Marketing your landing page is important whether you do it by paying some bucks or for free with the help of SEO. Besides, marketing it is vital to keep an eye on your landing page performance. Read this section to find everything about landing page marketing and analyzing your landing page.

Landing Page SEO

Landing page SEO means optimizing your landing pages for visitors and search engines to rank higher on search engines and record better results. SEO helps in boosting your landing traffic and clicks. It allows the landing page to look more engaging and valuable at the same time to users.

Landing Page SEO helps search engines to identify whether the content present on this page is valuable for users or not. If crawlers find your landing page content informative and helpful for users, they help you rank in the top positions on Google. That’s how SEO enables you to dominate SERPs.

Optimizing your web pages is better than spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on advertisements. Yes, the results of both would be relatively different.

Marketers specially perform SEO on their landing pages to bring adequate traffic to search engines. They include focus keywords in their copy to make it relevant for visitors and crawlers. This gives a boost to your landing pages.

Landing Page Analytics Tools

Here are the landing page analytics tools.

Ahrefs: Ahrefs is a 3rd party tool that lets you easily analyze your website and landing pages. With an intuitive dashboard, you can check your ranking keywords, backlinks, position in SERP, and more.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is an analytic tool to analyze your landing page performance and website performance. Google Analytics lets you quickly look at each metric in a few clicks. It makes all the data accessible to you with the help of an easy-to-use dashboard.

SemRush: SemRush is a third-party analysis tool that enables you to keep track of your website performance and landing page. It offers a user-friendly dashboard that lets you check your rankings, keywords, backlink opportunities, monthly traffic, and more. It also assists you in finding the keyword and blog post ideas for your websites.

Google Search Console: Search Console lets you see your landing page performance like page speed, crawling issues, indexability, and more. You can use Google Search Console to check the traffic, impressions, and clicks you get each day.

Landing Page Analysis Metrics

Here are the metrics you should check in your Google Analytics to analyze your landing page.

  • Sessions: Session means the action taken by a user at a specific time.
  • New Users: It refers to the number of visitors who have visited your website for the first time in a certain period.
  • Bounce Rate: Bounce rate means the number of people who have visited your website and exited the website quickly.
  • Average Session Duration: The total amount of time users spend on your website or landing page.

These are the metrics you should check while analyzing your landing page. There are a lot more metrics, yet these are the most essential ones.

Split Testing

Split Testing is referred to as A/B Testing. Split Testing refers to the process of running an experiment simultaneously between two or more versions of a single page.

For instance, create two landing pages but with minor changes. Both landing pages would have some common differences. Yet, the topic of both would be the same. For example, one landing page has a different heading and images, whereas others have different.

You can do the same with your landing page. According to Neil Patel, Split Testing is one of the best methods to improve your landing pages conversions. As per a report by Unbounce, 44% of companies use split testing methods to increase conversions.

Look at some perfect landing page inspirations in the next section.

3 Landing Page Examples


WordStream has added a video with a profound meaning on the landing page. This video compares a person using WordStream services and a person who isn’t. On the one hand, a person is happy, and on the other, they are sad. It is a perfect example of explaining how their services could be beneficial for them. They have added a CTA – Start My Free Trial on the video itself. This encourages users to opt for their free trial later than convert them into loyal customers.


Adidas is a popular brand known for its durable shoes, apparel, etc. Now, the Adidas marketing team has created a perfect landing page.

They have made a stunning landing page with an appealing animated video in the background. This is an example of a background landing video. This video is helping in grabbing users’ attention and pushing them on clicking on the button.

This landing page has loads of information and zero distractions. Also, the CTA is perfect and placed in an ideal place.


Ferrari is an Italian luxury car manufacturer as well all know. Ferrari’s marketing team has done a great job creating this landing page. The landing page has an eye-catching and jaw-dropping video in the background. It explains everything about their cars. It is the perfect way to hook prospective customers.

We can see the landing page includes a CTA called – Start Your Engine. The call-to-action encourages visitors to take action immediately. Users can browse Ferrari cars after clicking on the Discover The Ferrari Lineup CTA and heading over to the next page.

What Should be the Length Of A Landing Page?

There isn’t any hard and fast rule that your landing page should be of a specific word count. The length of your landing page depends on your product and service and how you convey it. Yet, some people say that long landing pages convert higher than shorter ones.

To check which one works better, you can try creating two different landing pages – Small and Long. And, you can use the Split Testing method to check which one works better for you.

What Is A Good Average Landing Page Conversion Rate?

According to a report by WordStream, the average conversion rate of a landing page is 2.35%. Another report by Unbounce states that the conversion rate across ten industries is around 4.02%.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Attract Customers to Your Landing Page?

To attract customers to your landing page, you should use compelling headlines.

What Is A Landing Page in Business?

A landing Page Is a static web page that marketers use to redirect paid visitors to convert them into customers.

Who Need Landing Pages?

Marketers require landing pages to carry out their marketing campaigns.

What Goes On A Product Landing Page?

Marketers include product images, features, benefits, and a call to action button on a product landing page.

Is Landing Page the Same As the Product Page?

The landing page and product page aren’t the same. A product page includes a lot of distractions. On the other side, a landing page is built with zero distractions.

Can You Sell a Product on a Landing Page?

Yes, you can sell a product on a landing page.

What landing page should have?

A landing page is a static web page we use to redirect our users to sell a particular product or generate more leads. It is a common part of a marketing campaign, and a digital campaign can’t be run without it.

When to create a landing page?

Marketers build landing pages to provide information about a product or service to convince visitors to buy it. The landing page includes everything that can influence visitors to buy a product, such as product benefits, customer reviews, testimonials, pricing, etc.

How landing page works?

The primary purpose of a landing page is to offer a smooth user experience without any distractions. It helps the marketing team to analyze and record users’ behaviour. So, they can make the necessary changes for better results.


This is all you should know about landing pages. Today, we discovered everything about landing pages. We looked at each part of a landing in simple terms. We started from scratch to the advanced – creating a landing page to promote it. So, this was all about landing pages. We hope you understood everything perfectly about landing pages.

Do let us know if you have any questions about landing pages. We would be happy to assist you.

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